Summers DIY Flooring – About Diy


Big box stores will carry some products and tell you to simply read the instructions because they do not know which product is best and generally just load it into your truck and hope for the best. Summers DIY Flooring hands you the proper tools, gives you instructional video links to 3rd generation craftsman, Michael Summers DIY Flooring, installing these products, and walks you through the steps to completion of the beautiful addition of new flooring installed in your home!

We also provide our own top installer that can FaceTime with you even in the evenings and Saturdays to help you if you get stuck!

Did you catch that? Summers DIY Flooring has the tool kits, compressors, cutters and nailers to install your product, and we loan it to you for several days – $100 a day average value! This is a brand new concept that has not been done…but by Summers DIY Flooring loaning you the perfect tools, we prove that we care about your home and want to partner with you in an easy, quick and rewarding experience.

Builders and designers, purchase your flooring products at Summers DIY Flooring in Meridian and join our referral list. We want to partner with you to help you save money and provide the very best wood floors, laminate, LVT, or carpeting for your wonderful clients.