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Benefits of Using Lifetime Vinyl Tiles for Your Boise Idaho Home Floor

Jan 22, 2020

Is choosing a new floor for your home turning out to be a more daunting task than you imagined? New carpet, hardwood, lifetime vinyl tile (LVT) contribute to the beauty of your home and to its value. Yet, LVT is one of the most popular materials in Boise, Idaho. The classy appearance and durability of LVT makes it one of the most trusted flooring items. If you are considering visiting a LVT flooring store in Boise, Idaho for your new floor, below are some given advantages and tips can help you reach a decision:

Benefits of Tile Floor

Stain and Scratch Resistance

High-quality LVT tiles are naturally resistant to stain and scratch. Depending upon the quality of tiles, the store provides some material that can resist kitchen stain and even resist moisture. They are scratch proof and retain their shine for their long lifetime.


The quality tile material lasts for decades. Proper maintenance and care can enhance their life. Depending upon the quality of the LVT tile, it can be very tough and unbreakable.

No Allergy

The LVT tiles are durable and compact. They do not emit or shed any harmful or irritating compounds. Thus, LVT floors give you clean air and lead to no allergy issues. The shiny and smooth surface of the tiles makes it very easy to clean and wash to avoid dust allergens.

Add Value to the House

LVT creates a very great and lasting impression on the interior. Be it your office or house tiles give a luxurious look to one’s floor. LVT is great for a rental home because of its durability and will help ensure that you get a good return on your property whether it’s for sale or rent.


LVT is one of the most luxurious green flooring materials. All companies are required to follow environmental guidelines and many brands have a ‘green guard’ to let you know that they care about conservation. They come in versatile and attractive designs, which make it the most, loved flooring choice. Thus, it is significant to look for a Tile Store in Boise Idaho, who can provide a range of tile options.

Here we are sharing a few tips on how to maintain tiles and make them last forever-

Clean Spills

Though LVT tiles don’t absorb liquid and stains quickly, if the spills continue on the floor for long, they can affect the tile texture and underlayment. So, if you spill something on the floor, try to clean it out immediately. Remember, longer the stain will stay on the tiles harder it will be to remove.

Acidic Items Will Fade Your Tiles

Tiles do not catch well along with acidic things. Tiles are sensitive to acidic substances and tend to lose their shine on reacting with acidic sources. Avoid the tiles to come in contact with acidic eatables like tomato sauce, fruit juice, coffee, and others. Do not clean the LVT tiles with acidic or alkyl cleaning agents.

Use Tile Sealer and Polishing

The more you will care for your floor tiles, the more it will shine brightly. To avoid the tiles getting affected by the spills, applying a sealer is the best alternative. The sealer will protect the tiles for long and help it to maintain its shine through all rough and tough conditions. Once in a while, polishing will also make the surface smooth and shiny, and help in reducing the absorption.

Do Not Drag Over It

Treat your tiles like you would have treated a wooden floor. Do not drag heavy furniture like a sofa or bed over the floor as it can cause permanent scratches on the surface.

Regular Dusting

Clean the tiles with soft cloth or sponge. Doing regular dusting will keep the floor surface clean and avoid settling the tough stains.

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